selected writings:

Considering the Carbon Footprint of the Online – for BlackFlash Expanded.

On Bodies of Water – for BlackFlash Expanded.

Considering the Space of the Online – for BlackFlash Expanded.

Various Editorial for BlackFlash Expanded.

Practicing the Future Together: Power, Safety, and Urgency in the Distributed Model published in: “Ahuman Pedagogy: Multidisciplinary Perspectives for Education in the Anthropocene” – edited by Jessie L. Beier and jan jagodzinski

Seeds as Data (what we lose when the universal becomes proprietary) published as part of Artspeak’s BEACON pamphlet series.

Various texts as Online Editor at BlackFlash Expanded (Online Editor 2022).

Imagining new systems of exchange, an online publication I organized and edited stemming from research at 221A.

The Stories We Tell Ourselves Are Killing Us – for the Synthetic Collective‘s Plastic Heart: Surface all the way through at Art Museum Toronto.

An interview with Emmanuel Osahor about his practice is up on Public Parking: Negotiating beauty in times of grief: in conversation with Emmanuel Osahor

A new essay – Memory Work, about the 1986 Gainers Strike in Edmonton – is out in the winter issue of Canadian Art Magazine (Tangents, Winter 2021).

I was invited to respond to the It’s About Time: Dancing Black in Canada 1900 – 1970 and Now exhibition curated by Seika Boye at the John & Maggie Mitchell Art GalleryIt’s About Time (Where was it fun to dance?): a response.

I was invited to contribute to a piece by Nataleah Hunter-Young and Sarah Mason-Case for Canadian Art Magazine: Thoughts of Liberation: Black scholars, activists and artists respond to the present moment—Christina Battle, Dionne Brand, Denise Ferreira da Silva, El Jones, Robyn Maynard, Charmaine Nelson and Christina Sharpe.

I recently received a PhD in Art & Visual Culture from the University of Western Ontario where I situated my research and practice under a dissertation titled: Disaster as a Framework for Social Change: Searching for new patterns across plant ecology and online networks.

The Hottest August – review of Brett Story’s 2019 Documentary – for Canadian Art Magazine online.

Distributed Systems and the Collective Model – for “Other Places: Reflections on the Media Arts Practices in Canada” edited by Deanna Bowen for the Media Arts Network of Ontario. November, 2019.

[What’s Happening?] I’m feeling emotional – for “Interspecies Communication” edited by Meredith Tromble & Patricia Olynyk for PUBLIC Journal #59. August, 2019.

There’s something in the way, exhibition essay for the Cold Cuts Video Festival in Dawson City, Yukon. May, 2018.

Cultural Shifts Within Artist Run Culture in Canada – YYZBooks. Forthcoming 2018 (written April 2017).

What is Left? What is Right? [expanding alliances] – for Forest City Gallery Digest Volume 2 – Edited by Christina Battle. November 2017.

INCITE! Journal of Experimental Media – Back and Forth – “Interview with Jesse Malmed” – September 2017

Interview with Dr. Lorena Rios Mendoza to complement Kelly Jazac’s exhibition at Gallery TPWProof of Performancesavailable online as pdf.

RT #Kaepernick Takes a Knee – for INCITE Journal of Experimental Media – issue 7 – SPORTS. 2017.

Arriving at a Different Past in Order to Survive the Future – for a publication accompanying In the Shadow of the Millenium exhibition at the Judith and Normal Alix Art Gallery – edited by Darryn Doull. 2017.

When Police Brutality Videos Go Viral – An essay with epilogue – both can be accessed online, November/December 2016.

Essay accompanying the I’m Really a Witch.* – a program curated for LOMAA, October 2016.

INCITE! Journal of Experimental Media’s Back and Forth – “Interview with Leslie Supnet,” June 2015

INCITE! Journal of Experimental Media #5: Blockbuster edited by Peter Nowogrodzki, “Hollywood Movies, Media Hype, and the Contemporary Survivalist Movement: An Appropriated Study,” 2015

INCITE! Journal of Experimental Media’s Back and Forth – “Interview with Gwen Trutnau,” January 2015

INCITE! Journal of Experimental Media #4: Exhibition Guide, contributing artist project: “DIY Screening Checklist,” 2013

“Everything you Read and See Just Might be a Lie AKA Don’t Believe a Word I Say (A Series of Proofs),”  [a response to Erina Duganne’s ‘Family Folktales: Carrie Mae Weems, Allan Sekula, and the Critique of Documentary Photography’] English Language Notes 50.1 Spring/Summer 2012, The Shape of the I: A Double Issue edited by Julie Carr & John-Michael Rivera.

Words at IssuePublic Journal 44: Experimental Media – Edited by Peggy Gale – Fall 2011

Recalling the International Experimental Media Congress of 2010 – INCITE Journal of Experimental Media, 2011