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I’ve always had a strange relationship with birds (Or, why I never wanted to be a scientist)
Sound collage (across two parts) for ArtSpeak Radio Digest – Summer, 2020 – Vancouver Co-op Radio, 100.5FM

I was invited by Artspeak to create two new sound works for Artspeak Radio Digest  – an expanded approach to their publishing program.

Birds appear in my work a lot. They’re often looming overhead. Generally, they’re flat, two-dimensional, and only visible from one plane. Once, at an artist talk, someone asked me about the birds that appear in my work — I answered something about how I have a bit of a strange relationship with them –  I remember people laughing at that. But, I didn’t mean it as a joke.



Sound Sources & Resources Included [in no particular order]:

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0589_How_the_Ear_Functions_E00455_05_48_11_00 –

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