FORECAST is an ongoing series of works.
FORECAST has its own website.

FORECAST considers the entanglement between environmental, social, political, and economic challenges facing the current moment.

So far, FORECAST  it consists of…

writing projects:
*seeds are meant to disperse [to get to the future, a return to the past], 2019/forthcoming essay for Making Ecological;

*a conversation, organized as part of a research fellowship with 221A, 2020/2021 Imagining New Systems of Exchange;

*Seeds as Data (what we lose when the universal becomes proprietary) published as part of Artspeak’s BEACON pamphlet series.

artistic projects:

*Learning the Signals/Change is Coming, a participatory project + site specific installation for the Bonavista Biennale (Newfoundland), 2021. Updated in 2023 for DesignTO; and for i made it through the wilderness – Making Art Through Climate Change residency program at Gibraltar Point (2023).

*the air we breathe, a participatory project and exhibition for Gallery 44, and supported by the Edmonton Arts Council. Re-performed in 2023 as part of the exhibition how to feel the weight of the moment (a series of repetitions and speculations) at IKG (Calgary).

*IT’S ALL ABOUT LETTUCE, a participatory project with Window Winnipeg.

*Searching for Tethers, a participatory workshop with Winnipeg Underground Film Festival (2023)

FORECAST has its own website.