2017 thru 2014

the future is a distorted landscape

When Police Brutality Videos Go Viral – An essay with epilogue – both can be accessed online
Tracking Sasquatch (field report #4)
off this spinning rock
notes to self (2014 –>ongoing)
seeds for the end of the world (2015 –>ongoing)
The Forgotten #TortureReport – (2016 –>ongoing research + works)
every time i  (opens new tab) – an online zine, an ongoing experiment with html, css, glitch, text and such
five states of freedom (with Adán De La Garza) (2013 –>2016)
F A I N T I N G C O P S – (opens new tab) a video/music project with Adán De La Garza

WAR MACHINES (2015 –>ongoing)

End Transmission
∆ (when the cities burn)
It’s Been This Way From The Start (with Adán De La Garza)
Games To Help You Get Ready To Live In The Police State
the hex is on (2014 –>ongoing)

Tracking Sasquatch (field report #3)
we are currently at threat level red
Montgomery, Colorado
The people in this picture are standing on all that remained of a handsome residence
the space between here and there (the yukon river)


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