Behind the Walls and Under the Stairs
when the wind shifted
traveling thru with eyes closed tight
(map #2 – january 03 thru january 06)

three hours, fifteen minutes before the hurricane struck


the distance between here and there
nostalgia (april 2001 to present)


following the line of the web
buffalo lifts
paradise falls, new mexico
fall storm (california, 2003)


oil wells: sturgeon road & 97th street
Cooper/Bridges Fight


christina battle


when the wind shifted
a site specific installation
Toronto, Nuit Blanche - Sept 2006
curated by Kim Simon

[when the wind shifted has recent;y been re-worked for the gallery - details can be found here]

Ontario Power Generation, 700 University Avenue (at College Street)
[In association with Ontario Power Generation].

Interacting directly with the urban environment, multiple projections imagined the moment a small corner of the city is overtaken by the natural world. Inspired by Toronto's now unforgettable aphid infestation of August 2001, a series of outdoor projections created moments of a shift in the balance between natural and urban environments. Situated in a neighbourhood currently undergoing economic growth and expansion, Battle's presentation of an encroaching natural world reminds that its power is as transformative as that of urban development.

As noted by Henriette Huldisch in the 2006 Whitney Biennial Catalogue, "Christina Battle takes a physical, painterly approach to her medium: shooting on 16mm film stock, she processes the works by hand using custom-made chemicals and subsequently continues to alter the developed film by colour toning, painting, or dunking it in solution. Interested in evoking a charged emotional register, she treats the celluloid strip as though applying layers of paint to canvas until the texture and surface of the original photographic imagery are profoundly transformed by the traces of her manual manipulations."

Installation details (nuit blanche website)