Under Metallic Skies

image: video still from are we going to get blown off the planet [and what should we do about it], 2022.

Christina Battle: Under Metallic Skies
June 1 to November 3, 2024 – Museum London (Ontario) – Curated by Cassandra Getty

Battle considers the experience of disaster and points to ways that art can instigate change. Her work is intricate, drawing not only on her training in contemporary art but from the biological, computer and social sciences, media studies, philosophy, and even speculative fiction. These inform the content, creation and presentation of her art, and result in monumental statements and visions produced often with modest materials.  In Under Metallic Skies, some of the artist’s ongoing projects have been reconfigured. Older and newer pieces are presented in proximity to one another to encourage expanded or new interpretations. These involve ideas of emergence and alternative, more equitable economies, and remediation on both biological and social scales.

Works in the Exhibition include:

A publication accompanies the exhibition featuring writing by Cassandra Getty, Scott Miller Berry, and Geneviève Wallen.