seeds are meant to disperse

seeds are meant to disperse
an ongoing project, 2015 –>
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seeds are meant to disperse (2015-ongoing) is an ongoing project where I grow, save and share seeds. Seeds take time to grow, to harvest, to prepare, and to share—an act that I see as gift as much as necessity and survival. As such, the seeds are offered as trade or gift, in an attempt to encourage and support alternative systems of exchange. As the seeds are gifted and grown they are meant to help others imagine building a world different from the trajectory it is currently on.

As an ongoing and forever growing project, I continue to adapt and rethink strategies as the work strives to be more aware of itself: of the ways in which it might help draw attention to food security & sustainability, species diversification, seed copyright, climate change, urban renewal, and anti-capitalist forms of exchange…Seeds are meant to disperse.

Through seeds and their dispersal, seeds are meant to disperse actively thinks about both time and space differently, considering ecological change from the scale of the geologic and political change from the scale of the micro gesture. Preparing seed packs each year to be traded and shared, the project is documented and archived on social media as a way to meet and engage with others interested in plants and alternate forms of exchange. To date, I have received a number of trades for the seed packs including artist books, sculptures, jewelry, photographs, drawings, as well as other seeds.

In 2024, seeds are meant to disperse is changing and will no longer invite others to trade goods in exchange for seeds. Participants are now asked to send a response in return: a story, image, or reflection (etc), of the seeds after they have been planted.

“The essence of the gift is that it creates a set of relationships. The currency of a gift economy is, at its root, reciprocity.”

[Robin Wall Kimmerer – Braiding Sweetgrass]

for more on seeds are meant to disperse checkout the project’s website.

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