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notes to self
an ongoing project. notes to self.

Notes to Self is an ongoing series of videos documenting a simple, repetitive act as a way to mimic our fleeting engagement with social media status updates. Fragments of text, in the form of notes to myself, are set on fire with varying degrees of success. Unlike social media updates, the fate of these updates is controlled and finite, existing only for a few seconds before being completely destroyed. The notes, which range from humourous reminders and revelations to recollections about larger societal events, are simple in both form and execution, allowing for a critical and considered viewing response.


running on empty [November 5, 2020]

the neverending list of terrible people in the canadian art scene  [November 5, 2020]

it's like, day after day, this society we live in shows itself to be more and more terrible [November 5, 2020]

conservatism is a death cult [November 5, 2020]

constanty throwing my hands up [November 5, 2020]

whole damn thing is a racket [November 5, 2020]

when you’re the only one who doesn’t use google calendar. [August 18, 2020]

our collective memory is just, such shit. [August 18, 2020]

what the actual fuck. [August 18, 2020]

how is this real life. [August 18, 2020]

spring/summer/fall 2020, we all get to see just how selfish people are. [August 18, 2020]

basically, the lesson of all of these stories is that people are pretty terrible. [August 18, 2020]

what even is time now anyways [July 19, 2020]

try to remember what it is that you need [July 19, 2020]

to put trust in strangers [July 19, 2020]

the repurcussions of being counted [July 19, 2020]

the moment you realize that a lot of people aren't taking this whole global pandemic thing very seriously [July 19, 2020]

take a minute to just think about it [July 19, 2020]

sometimes there's power in staying under the radar [July 19, 2020]

how to feel the weight of the moment [July 19, 2020]

history just keeps repeating itself over and over and over again [July 19, 2020]


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