Archived Disasters

Archived Disasters [The Evidence]
I. Bridge Collapse
II. Unexplained Lights in Skies
III. Sightings of Unknown Creature
mixed media installation, 2012

commissioned by the Ryerson Image Arts Centre
curated by Doina Popescu & Peggy Gale
Archival Dialogues: Reading the Black Star Collection
[September 29 thru December 16, 2012]

Christina Battle examines photographs of disastrous events across several decades of press imagery, spilling over the confines of the archive and introducing interpretations resulting from her careful study of news stories published in response to the disasters including those from the ever popular ‘yellow press’, which in turn takes her multi media project into the uncanny realm of science fiction.

check out this article about the group exhibition By David Balzer in Canadian Art Magazine: Ryerson Image Centre Sheds Light On Photo’s Role (September 26, 2012).

Documentation from Ryerson Image Centre: image (c) Eugen Sakhnenko: